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Yes. I’m sorry you’re going through that! :pout:
I’m not sure if mine is fibromyalgia or not. My doctor doesn’t take me seriously when I tell her my ailments. She just looks at me and says that if I lost the weight I would feel better. I tell her that I felt the same way when I didn’t have the weight, but she doesn’t believe me. :hair: So, now I’m trying different doctors to see if there is such a thing as a doctor who really listens.

Hopefully when I find a better doctor, I can get tested for all the possible problems. Crossed Fingers

What yarn are you using? Are you pulling the yarn from the center of the skein, or from the outside? In my experience, if I pull the yarn from the center of the skeins, they don’t twist so bad. But, it really depends on the yarn, and how much twist was spun into it from the start. Some yarns are spun very tightly, so they get twisted more easily.

When I knit with two or three strands together, I pull my yarn from the center of each skein, and keep them all together in a basket. They don’t get twisted.

Also, sometimes multiple yarns will get twisted if you always turn your project around the same way every time at the end of a row. I try to turn my the opposite way a few times if this starts to happen.

Good luck!


I keep my yarns all together in a basket, center-pull face up, and snugly in the basket. Good luck!


I’ve had doctors blame EVERYTHING I tell them on my weight. Isn’t it frustrating?


Hi everyone! :waving:
Yes, I’m still alive. :teehee:

I have been quietly reading posts here in the forum, without saying much lately. It’s a very busy time of year at my house right now. I’m the organist for a church, and we are busy preparing our Christmas music. My piano students are learning to play fun stuff for the holidays as well. We just had a nice Fall recital, and they performed very well!

Still blogging for the Bernat Yarn company. (You can see all my posts HERE.) Right now, we are finishing up a Mystery Afghan CAL. I’ve learned SO MUCH in this crochet-along! When I first started working on it, back in September, the only thing I knew was single and half-double crochet. Now, I know double-crochet, shell-stitch, and I’ve even learned to crochet a flower! :thud:

Here’s how my little blanket looks for the CAL:

Everyone else made a full-size blanket, but I knew that my arthritis would not allow me to crochet that much. So, I used Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky, and made fewer squares. I’m giving the blanket to a friend of mine that just adopted a little girl from Ethiopia. :heart:

Last week was my 9th wedding anniversary. We decided to do something special this year, and went to Gatlinburg, TN. It was a wonderful trip for us. We stayed at Jack Huff’s Motor Lodge, which is just off the main street in Gatlinburg, within walking distance of everything. The hotel is one of the older places in Gatlinburg, and had a real family feel to it. I enjoyed knitting on the balcony, watching the people walk by.

On our actual anniversary date, we went to Ripley’s Aquarium, and had a blast! We spent almost the entire day there, taking our time, looking closely at every display in the place. It is AMAZING!

You can see more photos of our trip here: Gatlinburg Trip
(My hubby also went to Hollywood Star Cars, so you’ll see those photos also.)

One of the most incredible parts of the aquarium was the shark tunnel.


We spent about 30 minutes just watching the stingrays. It was like watching angels fly. cloud9 They were SO HUGE! Some of them had a wingspan of about 6 feet. :shock:



Sandy, so many neat things in your last post! Happy for you, with your students, your crocheting and your anniversary. :hug:

luv, Laura


Thanks Laura! Nice to talk again.
Sorry I haven’t been on the forum as much. But, you can see by my last post, that I haven’t been sitting on my hands or anything. :teehee:


Well, it’s about time!!! lol
I have really, really, really missed your posts!
Welcome back!


Awww…thanks Kathleen! :muah:
It’s nice to be missed. cloud9


Me too! :hug:


:wink: :heart:




Thank you, Kathleen! :muah:


Sandy, We need details, please!! How did you spend your special day? I know you did something wonderful!!:yay:


Well, I hate to disappoint, but my special day was just “average”. :teehee:

The one thing that made it different from every other day was that I had breakfast for every meal. :slight_smile:

5 AM: Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (reduced fat), with fresh ground coffee
10 AM: Bacon, Eggs, and toast at my Mom’s
then, I pulled bits of her hair through a cap, so she could dye it blonde. (she loves using those old frosting kits)

After my second breakfast (I feel like a Hobbit!), I came home and took a nap. When I woke from my nap, I went to teach 4 piano lessons.

After teaching, I came home. And my hubby and I went to search for a place for dinner. My choice, since it was my birthday. I wanted to have a nice, crispy, fresh pizza at a place we loved a long time ago. So, we went to see if they were still in business. Bummer…no, they were replaced with a national chain. :verysad:

So, we went to The Original Pancake House, near Southpark Mall in Charlotte. I had French Press Coffee for the first time, and loved it! :inlove: My order was a spinach/onion omelet with cheese, and pumpkin pancakes. Yummy! My hubby got Eggs Benedict.

Needless to say, I met my breakfast quota. Now, I’ll probably be eating salad every meal for the next month. :teehee:


Happy Belated Birthday! Glad to see you back in blog land, I’ve missed you.


Thanks Brenda! :hug:


I’m new to blogging, just started my own blog Inspired Type last December, and now I’m just getting going with connecting online. I’ve only been knitting a few years and learned by watching the great videos here at KH. Knitting is my beloved obsession!


I would say you are the master of embroidery as well as paint by numbers. Looks so nice and eye catching. Love it.