Shandeh is a Bernat Blogger Now!


Way to go, Sandy! You are a terrific teacher, and a terrific knitter, so of course you are a terrific knitting teacher! :yay:

I remember picking up an afghan square my left handed friend was knitting and knitting a row for her, (for something to do at our knitting circle when my work was done) only the stitches in my row came out all twisted! I guess right-handed knitting after left handed knitting makes twisted sts. Had to rip it out.


:muah: What a sweet thing to say! :slight_smile:
I was very nervous about teaching. Not sure if I knew exactly how to start. But, it just came naturally to me. I was SO glad it worked out. I think I need to stick with just 2 or 3 students at a time though, because I am very careful with each student, making sure they all understand. I wouldn’t be able to do that with a room full of students.

I know! I knit a row for her, and it turned that row of garter stitch into stockinette. :teehee: So, I guess if you want to knit every row to make stockinette on two needles, you should just find a left-handed knitter and pass it back and forth. Ha!!


Knitting lessons with my students are going very well. Love teaching them! :heart:

Last week, we dyed some wool yarn with Kool-Aid. Theirs turned out much better than what I made. (They did the first two on the left.)

This week, we will start knitting a felted bag in the round. They have been asking to learn how to knit in the round, so this will be fun and instructive for them. They have learned a lot, even though we’ve been sticking with just the knit stitch. So far, they have made Hula hand puppets, napkin rings, a bracelet, an anklet, dishcloths, and hair scrunchies. They are always glad to learn more, so I’m a happy teacher! cloud9

I’m still knitting for Bernat Yarn. Right now I’m making a purple lace cardigan. You can read about it on the blog on their website. Bernat Blog

I’m also knitting some displays for a new yarn shop in Charlotte called Yarnhouse. I made a few things when they first opened up, and now I’m making more. I mentioned to the shop owner that I would have some free time to knit samples this summer, and he took me very seriously. Now, I’m knitting 6 projects for him! :shock:

On top of that, I’m knitting for some customers as well.

I wonder if I’ll ever have time to knit for charity again? :pout: I’m thinking of setting aside one day a week just for charity knitting, so I can finish up the big Oddball Blankets I have at my house. I wanted to finish them last year, but that didn’t happen. Maybe this will be the year for it. Several people all over the US knit sections of these large blankets, and I want them to be given to charity.

My health issues are still frustrating. I’m still not used to the CPAP machine. I use it, but it doesn’t really help me sleep. The pain all over my body wakes me up at night, and I have to turn over…then the CPAP mask gets loose, and I wiggle it around to get the seal right again. After all that, I’m wide awake. So, I turn off the machine, get out of bed, and knit until I’m sleepy again. :roll:

This month, I’m wearing a heart monitor, so the doctor can see what’s going on with my heart. I’ve felt some weird heartbeats recently, but every time I get an EKG, it’s normal. Hopefully, they will see something with the results of wearing this crazy device for 30 days. I would hate to go to the trouble of wearing it, then get nothing to show for it.

The heart monitor has to stay on all day and night. The only time I can take it off is when I’m taking a shower. I will be SO GLAD when I can get rid of that thing. :ick:


Forgot to tell you all about one thing. I moved a bigger tv into my craft room! :woohoo:

Yesterday, I was sitting in there, knitting, and squinting to see what was showing on TV. My eyes have been getting worse lately, so I decided to fix the problem then and there. I turned off the tv, put down my knitting, got up from the chair, and started taking everything apart at the tv. Unhooked the Gamecube, VCR, and DVD, and started moving all the small stuff out of the way.

My hubby heard me, and came in there to see what I was up to. I said, “Don’t worry…I’m not overdoing it. I just want to get this started. I want to move a bigger TV in here.” He just shook his head and went back to the living room.

Recently, we got a HUGE tv for our living room, and that is where my hubby spends all his time when he is home. The older tv was moved into our bedroom, but it has been hard to watch when we are lying down. I knew that all I needed to do was switch the TVs in the bedroom and craft room, and both our problems would be solved.

Here’s the way the little tv looked in my craft room earlier:

I knew that this setup would be easy to see in our room while we were in bed. My hubby agreed, so I kept on working. Eventually, I called him back in there, and said, “OK, you can carry the TV into our room, and put it on the bed. I’ve already dusted the TV.” He carried it across the hall, then came back in and said, “What else?” I said, “Carry over the drawers from this chest of drawers, then you can move that as well.” After that was out, I went to work on taking apart the TV setup in our bedroom.

Soon, I had that cabinet empty and dust-free. So my hubby came in and got out that big TV, put it on the bed. Then the two of us managed the big cabinet across the hall to the craft room. Next, we needed to get the big TV moved, but it was impossible for me to help with that. So, we moved it to the floor, he turned it on it’s side, and he pushed it across the hall. Together, we man-handled the TV up into the cabinet. What a job! I was careful to not do too much, because of my heart, but I was still out of breath.

Next, he moved in the chest of drawers into the bedroom, and put the other TV on top. So, now I had two TVs to set up with game systems, VCRs, and DVDs for both of them. Needless to say, it was a few hours later when I finally finished getting it all done. I still haven’t figured out how to get one of the game systems hooked up right, but it will come in time.

My craft room is done though! Now, I have a much larger TV to watch while I’m knitting. :heart: :inlove: :heart: And the other TV is viewable in our bedroom as well, even when we are lying down!

Here’s my new TV setup in the craft room.

Big difference, eh? :thumbsup:

Here’s where I sit when I’m knitting:

I still need to get all those boxes of sheet music out of the room, but I’m living with them for now.




Shandeh, your television looks like the old one that I had in my craft room (it literally took up about 1/8th of the space I have in here, it’s not very big but it’s MINE! lol!) and gave to my IL’s (FIL’s losing his sight and hearing so he wanted the big television out of their livingroom which was a 32" to put in his den… our old tv stand and tv are now in their livingroom which MIL loves because it makes it easier for her to see the item numbers when she’s watching QVC and ordering around the holidays LOL!).

one question though, How did you make (or where did you buy) the curtains? I have 5 windows in here but don’t like the curtains I see at the stores.


I got the curtains on eBay when I was planning my craft room. I knew that I would be painting the room pink or peach, and wanted to brighten up the windows with flowered white curtains. I was so happy to find them!

I got 3 curtains in the auction, and used the fabric from the extra curtain to make covers for my sewing machine and serger. :thumbsup:


WOW, you have quite the set up for a wonderful place to relax and knit. Good for you!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you deal with your health issues. Hopefully you will get some answers soon and feel better.

Great job teaching knitting. You are a born teacher and great at it. Love the kood-aid dyed yarn. Isn’t that a fun project? We did some last year and I’d love to do it again. However, it’s sooooo hot in Houston right now that I don’t feel like working with wool. Can you dye cotton yarn? I’ll have to do some searching on that b/c that may be the perfect solution.


Thanks for the prayers, Brenda! :hug:

Cotton yarn will NOT dye with Kool-Aid. It will stain a little, but not very well, and it washes out eventually. There is another kind of dye you have to use with cotton, but I’ve never learned to do that.

We’ve had a very hot summer here in North Carolina too. Several days have been over 100 degrees. I’m just staying inside, waiting for Fall.


We all continue to pray for improved health for you. I understand the frustration with the CPAP. I am new to this as of this spring. I use a nasal only mask most of the time but sometimes have to use the full mask when allergies flare up. Last night was an up and down night so was awake a lot.
Also was recentlly diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in both hands. It has slowed my knitting but not stopped it. Knitting does not seem to impact the symptoms as much as heavier persuits such as washing dishes and such. I have got to live my life though.
I wish I had a craft room in my house. We are crowded with 2 teens and my 80 year old mom so a craft room is down the road a bit for me.
Keep getting better! :hug:


I hope your health issues are improving.
Your craft room is looking great! Love the chair!


Thanks Rhonda! :heart:

I’ve dealt with that before too. I’m sorry you are now. :frowning:
I changed my computer setup, and it helped the wrist pain a lot! I looked up “ergonomics” online, and found lots of good advice.

Hang in there! One day, the teens will be on their own, and you can use one of their rooms for your crafts. It’s what I did!

Hi Kathleen! :waving:
Thanks for the encouragement. :hug:


Thanks for the helpful info on dying cotton yarn. Knowing me, I probably would have tried it and been dissappointed. I think of you when I sit down to knit b/c I know that you have that nice, peaceful room to knit in. One of these days, I’ll have a nice quiet place to knit also. Oh, wait, I still have about 6 more years to go before the kids are out of the house and on their own. Oh well, good things come to those who wait :teehee: Happy Knitting :knitting:


Hang in there!
I guess for now, you can retreat to your local library or coffee shop.


Thanks, I take my knitting with me to my overnight nanny jobs. When the kids are down for the night that is my quiet time to knit and watch a little tv/movies. I’m hoping that I can get Rachel on a USA swim team this fall and knit while she is at practice. That would give me about 2 hrs/day of knitting. Just think of all the great things that I could knit.:woot:


I scrolled back a bit and saw you were having some pain issues (arthritis?) - I don’t know if this applies to you, but sleep problems can actually cause pain directly, and it is often mis-diagnosed as arthritis. I will look for a link for you on that. I read it in my Fibromyalgia Network News hard copy newsletter, but I know they do have articles online.



Well, I’ve had LOTS of tests and have no real answers yet. I think my main problem is my weight. (I need to lose about 80 pounds.) I’m using a CPAP for sleeping, and it has helped some.

The pain in my left knee and back started when I had my second son. (I was 22 at the time.) I’ve had issues with my left side since then. My left knee has been x-rayed, and there is noticeable osteo-arthritis there. (deterioriating cartilage between joints.)

I just take it slow every day, and try not to overdo it. I tire very easily, and then get sick quickly if I’m not careful. I take vitamins every day, and I use Airborne if one of my students has a cold. I also take allergy pills, thyroid pills, calcium, glucosamine, chondroiton, etc. Sometimes I wonder if my health would improve with a holistic doctor. I’m sick of just getting prescriptions all the time. Nothing has helped so far. I just keep getting worse.

I’ve tried swimming to lose weight, but it doesn’t exercise me enough to make the pounds come off. I can’t exercise on a treadmill or bike because of my knee. And I can’t walk for very long either. :pout: I guess I’m just a lost cause when it comes to exercise.

My mother always says, “Sandy, you should go on a diet to lose some weight.” She must think that I sit around eating all the time…which is NOT true. I hardly eat anything at all! :help:

There are no easy answers. I try to get motivated to exercise, but my pain always puts a stop to it. I guess I should just get used to being a big girl, and quit trying to change.


I hear you about all the tests. You know I have fibro, right? I have a friend who has fibro and sleep problems, and is at least 80 # overweight. I told her the sleep problems can actually CAUSE the overweight, and make it impossible to lose it. She just kind of blew me off. I guess she has been feeling guilty about her wt for so long, she can’t contemplate another possibility.

Anyway, its true. I will again remind myself to try to find a link, if I had a scanner I would scan and e-mail. If you PM me your address I can mail it to you, also.

I go to Fibro and Fatigue clinic here in Atlanta, they are specialized to do the sort of thing that can help. The first appt is free, they have a lot of integrity, I can recommend them. I actually do the nutrition consults for their international patients. People come from all over.

Hugs, :hug:


Rachel and I also had a lot of pain, sleep problems and sick all the time until we got diagnosed with Celiac. We have since discovered that Rachel is also dairy sensitive so I’ve started making her soy yogurt (which is cheaper than store bought). Now that she is swimming more we’ve also discovered that she has a latex allergy and cannot wear a latex swim cap. My point is that maybe you should be tested for Celiac. I’ve lost 30+lbs since I’ve gone on the diet. I have more energy, sleep better and no more pain. I feel like I’m in my late 20’s again. Stress can also do a lot of things to our bodies that we don’t realize. I will keep you in my thoughts and don’t give up. Somewhere out there is a Dr. that can help you find answers and help you to feel better. :hug:


Hi Sandy and friends,

Anybody know how to avoid tangling yarn when holding 3 strands together to knit an afghan?

I started out using the pocket bag from KP that’s supposed to keep each skein separate, and it did, but the yarn kept getting so twisted…so when I took them out of the pockets to untwist, it got even worse…

I am going to cross post to see if I can get some solutions!

Thanks in advance!! :hug: