Shaker Rib Mistake Correction

I am knitting a first shaker rib raglan pullover (nice free pattern on the web, if you are interested).
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 K1 P1, K1B last 2 P1 K1

is the 2 row pattern.

QUESTION: how do I correct a K1B stitch? Anyone know of any correction graphics on the internet?

Look down this list (right at this site) and you will see K1b means knit a stitch in the row below. There is a little video right next to the definition.


As ‘Mirl56’ said. It is not a mistake, that’s how Shaker Rib is done. Shaker rib is not the same thing as the usual k1, p1 rib. It’s similar looking but is thicker & chunkier.

No, I don’t. I have a cute little sweater with a fishermans rib using a K1B over and over. I like the way it looks a lot, but had to give up on it, because when I made a mistake I could never figure out how to fix it. I knew that was going to be an issue, but I thought, “I’ll just try real hard not to make any mistakes.” Well, I turned out not to be perfect enough to carry that off. :slight_smile: I wish I knew the answer to this question too.

Thanks…I do have the set of cd’s from this site and am knitting the K1B correctly. Problem is…just like Merigold ,if I make a mistake or have to pull out some stitches,I have no idea how to pick back up the K1B stitch …
I have called my local yarn shop and am going for “remedial” help. ($$$$) I am determined to see this through. I will try to share the wealth of knowledge after I attend!
thanks for the replies,gals

If it turns out that correcting that stitch is impossible or a huge pain, you may want to consider putting in a lifeline every fews rows. That way if it gets messed up, you can just rip out to your lifeline and reknit. I’ve done a lifeline before when the stitch pattern is just too difficult to tink back - - it’s faster to frog and reknit than tink (and less frustrating!).

Pictorial for lifeline [B][COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]here[/COLOR][/B]. You can also string your lifeline through the hole in the needle if you are using the interchangeables that have a hole in the base to tighten the cable. If you do that, though, you need to use split ring markers so you can move them, otherwise they get caught and carried in the lifeline and can’t move with the knitting.


Good luck with the help from the LYS. I took this question to my local knitting guru, and she dinked with it a few minutes trying to figure out a solution and handed it back to me saying, “Don’t make any mistakes.” :slight_smile: She used to own the LYS here and is an expert knitter (and a good friend), but didn’t know how to fix it either.

The idea of the lifeline might be a good one. I haven’t thought it out or tried it to see if there is any reason even this won’t work. I hope it will. Definately report back on this. Thanks. Merigold