Shadow knitting / ribbing

I’ve been wondering, would it be possible to combine shadow knitting and ribbing?

I want to knit a scarf for someone, it should be two colors, alternating stripes. Maybe some small skulls on it he wanted. I was browsing around and came across a shadow knitted scarf, so I thought, well, who knows, it might work. Maybe.

On another note, it wouldn’t be easy either to put the skulls on the ribbing just like that, would it?

Knitting flat of course would solve the problems, but I’m reluctant to do that. I prefer then to just make a simple ribbed scarf without skulls.

Double knitting would be another possibility, but how do you double knit with more than 2 colors?

Any ideas?

Don’t know if it’s anything like you’re thinking of, but your post made me think immediately of this scarf:

or this alein scarf which could easily be modified into a skull:

I can’t think how you’d do shadow or illusion knitting in a ribbing though. It pretty much depends on moving around the peaks and valleys of knit/purl stitches with color changes to get the effect.

I think some of the ‘illusion’ would be lost to ribbing so I think flat is better. You could also duplicate stitch skulls on if you wanted to do so after.

As it seems, it’s impossible to do both.

So I will just go with a cabled/ribbed scarf.

Thanks nontheless.