Shadow knit and illusion knit

SO is there a difference b/t these two things? Does anyone have any experince with either? How hard is this to do? I want to give it a try and i was thinking about doing the “Dark Mark” scarf that someone on the patterns forum was doing. It looks soooo cool but really hard! Any ideas?

They are the same thing. I’ve done a few projects - just small enough designs that are a good size for dish cloths. It is certainly not hard to do. You just do 2 rows of each color, alternating back and forth. It is fun to see the design come alive, so to speak.

Google both and you will find many free patterns.


I just happen to have the book Shadow Knitting checked out from the library. It’s a good book to see how it works, see if your library has it.

I am doing the dark mark scarf right now and it is very easy and I have never read charts before. Go for it!!!

Really?! That’s encouraging. Maybe i’ll give it a try!