"sexy" doll pattern lol

I’m looking for a “sexy” doll pattern… I’m in need of a doll with curves mostly. So like an hour glass body I guess , but preferably mostly round (i dont like stuffed animals with that flat seamed leg this going on…)

Anyone know of one such as this? I might be able to make up a pattern, but I need one pronto…

did you try searching for barbie clothes?

Actually, I need a real doll pattern, not clothes. Thanks though :-p.

I just started to whip up a doll because I figure it wont be that hard. I’ve never done button holes or shaping, but I have some ideas. (The buttonholes will be picked up later to form seamless legs , neck and arms)

Then I’m gonna weave a thread through the middle of the body and tighten it to form the hourglass shape, and then of course make a head :smiley:

And I’ll probably put pipe cleaners inside the doll for movement and placement of arms and legs.

This was an idea I couldnt pass up…

Oh yea and the boobs will be bobbles… :smiley: I’ve never done those either but they cant be too hard.

Then I’m making fabric clothes with my trusty sewing machine and my imagination.

whacha makin it for? :smiley:

Erm… When it’s done and in the mail I can tell ya :happydance: