SEX to deal?

So I’ve had a bit of disappointment the last few weeks, and a frustrating day yesterday :verysad:, and I’ve decided today to make a nice trip to a nice yarn shop to deal with all this. I tried fondling my stash, which has grown recently with the summer swap (!), but it just didn’t cut it. I shouldn’t spend the money, and I promised myself I wouldn’t, but a few skiens and a few odds and ends can’t hurt? Besides, I NEED a few things for my swap pal …:teehee:

I’m just wondering, though, is this a GOOD thing, or a very BAD thing? I mean, I’m coping with my ordinary life by thinking about pretty colored fibers??!!!?? Is this wrong?:shrug:

Maybe don’t think of it as good OR bad…just something you enjoyed or would enjoy? I know what you mean… I have stash things I know I really need to use but then I spy an image of yarn somewhere and just crave the newness of it. Maybe it’s a ‘looking for-ward’ thing :slight_smile:

it’s retail therapy. or yarn therapy. yarnapy?

Yarnapy works better than any anti-depressant I’ve heard of!!:lol:

It’s better than pills or food honey! You can’t get fat on knitting!

ABSOLUTELY!!! I’ll even take yarn over chocolate!!!

I knew I could count on you guys to make it all alright!! :hug: I have some lovely new things to use as part of this, ahem, yarnapy, and I now have itchy knitting fingers. Some wonderful wool in the woods, and k1c2 tye-dye!! Pictures later!!

There’s something about new yarn - you know, knitting goes on, life goes on, and there are always new things on the horizon …

LOL except for me as an Aussie who says nappy and not diaper, a yarnapy sort of sounds like a knitter with a soaker on :roflhard:

Well, you know, sometimes you just HAVE to finish that row!:shifty:

My family calls it " Mom needs yarn fix" :lol: It does happen offten to me too but it could be worse. The money I used to spend on Cigaretes goes for yarn now :slight_smile:


You mean, you just don’t take the knitting with you??:teehee:

Ana - your family should be so happy! yarn is so much healthier than cigarettes - and so much prettier too!