Sewng together pillow pieces - best method?

I’m making this heart pillow for my FIL.

I’ve finished the first side (two strands of fun fur held together - it’s a mess. At least the mistakes don’t show very well.)

I’m about to start on the 2nd side, and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice for sewing these together?

I can’t see jack in there. Is there any method that would work better than another?

Should I whip stitch them together? Use a single crochet? What would be easiest wth this type of piece?

I’m kind of wishing I used some other yarn for this… like a bulky chenille or something. Two strands of fun fur is a huge mess! One wouldn’t be so bad, but with two I kept splitting the stitches and ending up with extra stitches… sigh.

Hopefully this thing actually turns out to be heart shaped!

TIA for any help or advice you can offer. :slight_smile:

Since fun fur is such a pain to work with, I’d probably just sew or crochet it together from the inside with yarn the same color. I can’t imagine trying to do mattess stitch or anything fancy on it. Nothing will show, anyway.

I’m with Ingrid on using anything to just get it together!!! I certainly wouldn’t want to be sewing that up! My 2¢ {CAN} is that I would use a smooth yarn or embroidery floss {all six strands, not divided} in a matching colour. I like using embroidery floss for a lot of sewing like that since it comes in so many colours and is so strong.