Sewing Up the Sleeve and Sides?

Before I go and do this I thought I would ask :?? before I start sewing up my granddaughter’s sweater and have to rip it out!

Do you usually sew up under the sleeve and then sew the side seam of a sweater or do it the other way around?

I have it pinned and ready to go, but I am hesitating. It has been awhile since I have done it.

Also, when I do sew the side seam, I should start from the bottom and go up, right?

Thanks so much!


This is the kind of stuff I should know but never am certain about myself. :oops: It will work which ever way you do it. But I think you would want to start at the bottoms and work toward the armpits so that if any wobbles develop they won’t be on the cuff edges where they would be most likely to show. But sometimes I work from each end and meet in the middle. :lol: Whether you do the sides or the sleeves first, I don’t really think it would matter. I know in the finishing class I took the gal said to sew the side seam and then the sleeve seam and then attach the sleeve to the sweater, but you already have the sleeve attached it sounds like, so it shouldn’t matter. The lady was talking about adult sweaters and said you got a better fit that way, but I don’t think it would be much of a deal with a baby/child sweater.

I seam from the hemline up to the armpit, turn the corner and seam down the sleeve! I mattress seam! I use baby clippies to hold my two edges together, and as I seam my way long, I remove them, clippie by clippie!

[B]In the photo above,[/B] I am about ready to start seaming
the Right Front to the Back at the sides! This shows
the bottommost ribbing.

[B]In the photo above, [/B]I was ready to seam the sleeve into the body! The clippies make it so easy. The ‘ease’ of the sleeve-to-body can be distributed just so, and the clippies hold it in place as I seam along.

I’m not disagreeing with MerigoldinWa! She’s a very helpful knitting QUEEN!
Her posts are never wrong! She is also an excellent designer, BTW!

I’m just posting what I do. That’s all. For what it’s worth!