Sewing up side seams~~ any tutorials out there?

Just about ready to sew up the seams on this little dog sweater
(for a Schnauzer.) I know it’s only for a dog but I still want it to look good. Are there any good tutorials out there that can guide me through this? Anybody else out there intimidated by seams?


Knitty has a really good tutorial with easy-to-see pictures. Good luck!

I used to be intimidated by seams, but I had the good fortune of being able to take a workshop on finishing techniques. I was amazed the first time I used the mattress stitch technique and watched my seams ‘disappear’ into my garment.

However, there are some excellent tutorials on Knitty:

Seaming (general)
Seaming Sleeves into a Garment

(I know you just need one for side seams, which the first one covers, but thought you might like to see more on seaming.)

Perfect!! Thank so much Liz and Marria! I knew there had to be some link out there somewhere but just couldn’t find it.

This tutorialsays it is for mattress stitch for toys, but it is also excellent info on mattress stitch in general, and the photos are great.

Wow, that’s a good one too! Thanks so much, Miss Molly. Will definitely bookmark it for future use.

Here’s an online book with some very good info on sewing seams as well as other knitting techniques.

What an [COLOR=“Green”]excellent[/COLOR] online source! At first I thought it was a book you had to purchase, but it’s free with all kinds of helpful information. Thanks for sharing the link! It even has a section on sewing in the ends which are driving me absolutely nuts right now. Why is it that knitting is relatively easy, but it’s all the other stuff that can get to you~ or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. But anyways, thanks Plantgoddess~

I forgot about that one, Plantgoddess. Thanks for reminding me. It has a lot of useful techniques.

Why is it that knitting is relatively easy, but it’s all the other stuff that can get to you~

What I do when I find good instructions on a technique, is print them out (often I copy them into Word and format them nicely rather than print direct from the Web as that often means pages & pages of info that can be set out more compactly in Word). I then put them into a folder I keep specifically for techniques. I have all sorts of info in my folder - buttonholes, button loops, seams, grafting, joining yarn, etc etc - pages and pages. So now its at the stage where if I need to use a certain technique and haven’t done it for a while, I just have to flip to the page in my folder.

It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to start organizing everything so I can access it better. Thanks, Miss Molly! The good news is, the dog sweater is turning out really good. This pattern booklet I got from Michael’s (or JoAnn’s?) is set up so you can custom-make the sweater to fit your dog. You take your dog’s measurements which determines the size, then the size determines the number of cast ons, increases and decreases, etc. I’ve been trying it on him periodically just to make sure it fits. I’m sure everyone will agree, when something you’re working on turns out, it makes up for all of the other times.
Thanks again for your help and suggestions,

Don’t worry, I want my dog sweater that I’m going to knit to be perfect too :slight_smile: . Looks like some people gave you some great links, so I’m not needed, but I think there is a video on KH about seaming-some people find it easier to watch it. It’s a lot easier than you think!

Good luck, hope the dog likes the sweater!!

Happy Knitting!!