Sewing up gaps

I’m currenltly working on the “Hooray for me” gloves litsed in the free patterns. For finishing in the pattern she says to sew up any gaps. I’ve finished the first one and there are a couple of gaps around the fingers. How do I sew them up? Who knows the trick to a clean looking gap filler??

The only thing that I can think of is to come in with a bit of mattress st (it can be found on one of the videos on this site) or duplicate st over the gaps…kind of like what is being done here with socks, but instead wherever you have your gap…I’ve done this with socks quite a bit…good luck

When I have a hole in a sweater I’ve just put a piece of yarn through the stitches on either side of it and tied it shut. This works for a sweater or blanket, but I’m not sure that you want that on the inside of a mitten.

Maybe you could weave a strand on the inside through the row of stitches that have the gaps in them and then weave the ends in?

Great link Rebecca. I wonder if Amy could make a video of THAT!

That would be cool :sunglasses: , femi!!