Sewing Up Bottom Of Bag Q

How do you make twisted cords to thread through for carry handle?


Take a length of yarn (you can use multiple strands) about 3 times the length you want the strap, tape or tie one end to a fixed object, and twist the living daylights out of the other end. After it starts coiling on itself, fold it in half and let it twist itself up.

kimmie posted a big thing on how to make a twisted cord here too.

Hmmmm … why after I have twisted and twisted and tied the ends together, does it completely unwind??? :shrug: Do I have to felt it to get it to stick? :wall:


did you remember to fold it in half? You have to fold it for it to retain some of its twist because when it uncoils, it twists up on itself.

So do you twist, fold up then twist again? Or fold it up, attach it to a fixed thing or person and twist?


if you want your handle 8 strands thick, fold until you have 4 strands thick.
then twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, twist,…, fold.

then let go of the folded end and it will twist up all on itself.