Sewing together question

I have got everything but the sleeves done on this pattern my question is what would i sew first on this to start sewing it together it is the first shrug pattern you seen on this link i did not use that kind of yarn here is the link thanks for anyhelp i am new to knitting. Rhonda

I did not take the time to register or download the pattern … but usually at the end of a pattern it will say “finishing” and will tell you how to put it together. Thanks for the new (to me) pattern site, I had not seen that one yet !

Here is how it said to sew but saids nothing about the back.

sew shoulder seams place markers 8 from shoulder seam along front and back armhole edge.
matching center of sleeve to shoulder seam and edges to markers sew in sleeves.
Sew side and sleeve in continuous seam

The first thing you sew together is the shoulder seams.

You can’t do anything else until the sleeves are done.

Then they have you sewing the sleeves to the body next, then sew the sleeve seam and the side seams.

If you wanted to make it sleeveless, you’d sew the side seams next.

Thank you for replying Rhonda:muah:

Here is some info on how to sew 2 bound off edges together, that’s what you’ve got for sewing the shoulder seams together.