Sewing together live stitches and dead ones

How do I do this? My sweater top has a finished edge (The “dead” stitches) and the collar or welt or whatever you want to call it has live stitches. Is there a way to sew mixed stitches like that together?
The collar is from version 1 of the same sweater, the body is the 3rd version. :wall:
Thanks for your help, I loooove this website!

I’m not sure that there’s a way to do that–I’ve never seen it, but there may be.

You could bind off the collar and seam the two edges, or take out the cast-off of the body and do a three-needle bind off to attach them.

I saw a pattern once that used a modified three-needle bind off to accomplish that sort of join – instead of using two sets of live stitches, you used the one set you have, and then used loops from the bound-off edge as if it were your second set of live stitches. KWIM?