Sewing together a baby shawl

Hi i havent knitted for many years, but now my first grandchild is on the way, and i am knitting my first shawl, I am getting along nicely and am nearly finished, but not quite sure how to stitch the borders to the centre piece, should i draw them in with a flat seam? would be grateful for any advice,

By center piece you mean a single square/triangle that is the body of the shaw?
And by border you mean that you knit an entire length of ribbon/lace/edging that you now want to attach all the way around the perimeter of the shawl body?

I say the basic tenents of seaming apply. You can try to hide the stitch, using something “invisible”. Or, if you don’t mind the stitches showing use something more visible like a whip or mattress stitch.

Secondly, you could use something more decorative if you really think (or want) the stiches to show. Like crochet them on.

Thirdly, and not to discourage you, why didn’t you just pick up stitches all away around the shawl body and knit the border from there? Or am I not understanding you correctly? If you haven’t knit the border yet why don’t you do it this way?

Thanks for your advice i am following the pattern and you knit four boders and a peak endging then you have to stitch the whole thing together

What kind of stitches are you joining? By that I mean, what kind of stitch on the border to what kind of edge stitch in the main panel. Can you post a link to the pattern?

Thanks but i dont know how to link the pattern but it is bind of edges on the boders to 2 slip stich edges 1cast on and 1 bind on edge on the cenre square

I’ve done similar seams by alternately putting the needle and strand of yarn through one edge and then the other. If you do this with the right sides facing, it works surprisingly well. You can skip over small areas that are very lacey as long as they don’t extend for too long a distance. It’s somewhat free-form but works to essentially abut the edges without creating a seam.

i dont know how to link the pattern

If the pattern is online somewhere, just copy/paste the URL here.
Sometimes just the name of the pattern will be recognizable to some of the more experienced knitters here. Other times the source of the pattern (i.e. the name of the book or magazine) proves helpful.
Your blanket sounds lovely, I hope you can get it finished to your satisfaction.