Sewing Tails with Needle and Thread?

Hi All!

I am new to the forum and have been knitting for only a few years, just the basics! I ran across an instruction that I have not seen before and cannot find any tutorials online that can help. I was hoping someone may be able to elaborate more for me or send me to a video resource for more information? The project is a striped baby blanket and the end instructions state:

Because Bella Chenille is a bulky weight yarn, you
may wish to securely sew down ends with
matching sewing needle and thread.[/I]

In my head, I am thinking I would weave in the tails, like normal, then perhaps take a sewing needle and thread and sew the very end of the tails? Honestly, I am just not sure. I have never combined a sewing needle and thread with knitting before, lol! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Also, the pattern can be found here:

I would try weaving in the ends as usual, going about 6 inches up the side of the blanket. If they look insecure, then you could take their advise and thread a sewing needle and secure the end of the tail in place.

I think the reason they suggesting using a needle and thread to sew them down rather than weave is because weaving in bulky yarn tends to leave a lumpy area plus chenille can be slippery and may not stay woven in well.

Personally I think I’d weave a few stitches then take a needle and thread of matching color and just tack the end down tightly.

The blanket looks like one you could carry the color up the side so you may not have many ends anyway.