Sewing Sweater together

Ok. almost time to sew the rest of the zip up hoodie together! very exciting!
but…how to do that? Is mattress stitch good for sleeves and sides and stuff? Is there something that would be better? Also-I’m supposed to put a zipper in the front- do I need a sowing machine for this? And tricks to putting in a zipper, or weird things I should know about? Thanks in advance!


Ok- one more thing. If I am supposed to block it before I put it together…how do I know how much to stretch it, etc if I can’t try it on? Can I just block it after I put it together?

If I block, I always try to do it after I seam it. This way I know the pieces will be the right size. That’s when I decide if it needs to be blocked after its seamed, I can make that decision after trying it on.

Mattress stitch is the way I put all my sweaters together, except for three-needle bind off at the shoulders.

As for zippers? I’m still waiting to put one in a baby sweater I made. He’s about 3 years old now. :rollseyes: I can’t help you there. :wink: