Sewing sweater pieces together

Can somebody point me to a video that shows how to do shoulder seams and insert sleeves. I finished knitting a sweater for my daughter 2 [I]years [/I]ago that is still in pieces and I really would like for her to wear it this winter. I just can’t seem to get the hang of making the sleeves and the shoulders look right. I’m a visual kind of learner so either a video or pictures would help. (The nearest lys is 2 hurs away from me.)

Not a vid but good explanations and pics in this online knitting book. Check out ‘horizontal seams.’


It may not have been a video, but it was very helpful! Thank you so much. I’m saving that site!

There is video called “Knitting for Beginners” by Nici McNally. Do yourself a favor and get it. There is a whole section on how to seam sweaters that I go back to time and time again.

Thank you! Between those 2 things I should finally get it put together before winter of 2010!