Sewing sleeves onto body of garment

Help! How do you sew the top of a sleeve (done in stocking stitch) to the top of the shoulder seam (also done in stocking stitch). In other words, the top of the sleeve and the shoulder seam are both in stocking stitch, however they are perpendicular to each other. So I’m stumped!

I tried mattress stitch but that was a disaster. Then, I tried straight sewing but that too looked awful. I’ve googled every variation of “joining sleeves to body” but that yielded some weird results.

Thanks for any tips!

Here is the link to an on-line knitting book that has good instructions about seaming of all kinds. It will be somewhere between chapters 17 and 22. LINK

The link is to the table of contents page of “the book”.

Thanks so much for the link! I can finally finish this project.
Have a merry Christmas and great New Year!