Sewing side seams on a sweater

OK, I’ve watched the videos, and am still stumped. (Please note I feel really dumb asking this)

I’ve knitted a sweater that has gone from sleeve to sleeve, so all I have are underarm and side seams. The videos recommend kitchener stitch, but the demo was using pieces still on the needles. The areas to be sewn are in garter stitch…how do I do the kitchener stitch on a project that is not on the needles?


You can’t use kitchener stitch unless the stitches are on the needles. I would definitely use mattress stitch. :thumbsup:

I thought (watching the video) that mattress stitch was for stockinette only. It didn’t seem to fit with the side edge made in garter stitch. I’m confused… :frowning:

I agree with Julie , i’m on my first sweater and i used mattress stitch.And it really looks nice.

To do mattress on garter, pick up the bottom loop on one side and the top loop from the other side. One of them will be one stitch in, I think the upper loop side. It works nicely.