Sewing pockets with acrylic yarn?

I’m working on a cardigan vest in bulky wool/mohair. The main vest itself is seamless but I do need to stitch down the sides of the pockets on the WS and the ends of the pocket tops on the RS. Would it work to use an acrylic worsted weight yarn for the stitching? My bulky yarn is single ply so I can’t separate a thinner piece of it.

Oh sure, GG. Your project yarn is also acrylic? I’ve even used sewing thread when seaming a bulky yarn project.

Thanks. I’m using Lamb’s Pride bulky wool/mohair. I’d really rather use wool but this single ply is so fat! and I don’t have other wool that would do that I remember stashing. lol I might try heavy-ish crochet cotton thread in a similar color if it proves colorfast.

This method of top down construction without seams is the best thing since sliced bread IMO. I stole it from the Codona pattern. I worked the pocket tops and had them ready to join and just knit onto the existing piece when I put the pocket stitches on hold and that worked much better for me than when I put them on hold and add the top later. Now if I could figure out a way to join the pocket pieces as I work the body. I knit the pockets the same length as the the fronts and then joined them three needle style. Two more sets of stitches eliminated. I’ve done the pick up and knit top down set-in sleeves and got rid of those seams. There is a way to do it totally seamless, I know there is. I guess it’s my holy grail.

I don’t know how far you’ve gotten but maybe this would work, if not here, perhaps for the next time.
What if instead of making the edging separately, you start the edging on the row after placing the lining sts on a holder. Continue knitting fronts and back for however many rows with the edging in its own pattern stitch, then switch to stockinette for everything. That way the edging is integral to the sweater. You may have to start the pocket some rows earlier and you’ll have to knit a deeper lining.
You’ll still have to stitch the lining to the sweater but you’d have to do that anyway.

You’re brilliant. That makes so much sense once I think it through. I wish I’d thought of it. I’ll keep it in mind for next time I do a pocket. Thanks!!! :muah: