Sewing pieces together for beginner

Hi All,
Well, I’ve finished about all the pieces for my first knitting project, a sweater.

However, the pattern only says to “sew raglan sleeve caps to raglan armholes…”

HOW the heck do I actually sew the bits I’ve knitted together???

Pattern is:

the Wisteria sweater.

Any help for a brand new knitter, explained in the utmost simplest terms here, will be so very appreciated. I’m almost done and now I’m really stuck.

Lee Lee

Mattress Stitch. It is the best. Amy has video on it, too. The first time I did Matress was on a raglan and I couldn’t believe how nice it looked.

[color=indigo]Doing it with the mattress stitch is really pretty easy. Just special extra care to align your edges as precisely as possible. Any mis-matches on line-up can usually be beat into submission without showing too badly.


Hi LeeLee before you start assembling your sweater save yourself a lot of grief by Blocking all the pieces first. I usually lay the pieces together (fronts on top of back) and the two sleeves on top of each other and then steam and pin and let dry. That way ,hopefully, all the pieces will line up when you go to sew. Good luck. Ellie :cheering:

you do mattress stitch even for setting the sleeves? I tried blocking my sweater parts last weekend. I think I ended up with a damp mess, but I did consider that I “blocked” the pieces.

Next I will set in the sleeves, but wasn’t sure how then I was going to do my first mattress stitch down the sleeves and sweater sides.

The pattern already used a 3 stitch bind off to connect at the shoulders

Lay your pieces flat, right side up. Pick up one bar from one side and another bar from the other side. Just keep doing this all the way up.

It’s hard to believe that sewing something on the right side can look good, but believe me–it makes a virtually invisible seam.