Sewing on sleeves

I always wonder (and wonder, and wonder) about this, but never really got around to asking. How do you sew on sleeves?

Do you start at the “underarm” up to the shoulder, then down the other side?

Do you start at the shoulder, go down one side, then back to the shoulder to go down the other side?

I’ve tried both, and both seem to have their own drawbacks, but maybe I’m missing something, or doing something wrong. Just looking for opinions, and maybe a ‘why’ you like this way more than that way.

A few rows before I am ready to bind off my sleeve, I place a removable stitch marker in the middle stitch. I use that as a guide to place it to the shoulder seam. After that, I use a couple of big safety pins and/ or a small stitch holders as safety pins to pin the sleeve in other areas.

Then, I start from the shoulder seam (middle of the sleeve) and seam down to the underarm. I find it’s a lot easier for me to get the seam even that way. I do have to undo from time to time as I’m going to get the sleeve attached evenly. To me, it’s kind of like picking up stitches in that there’s no way to do it perfectly each and every time–you have to eyeball it.