Sewing on buttons

do you use yarn or thread?

I want to use the yarn, because I don’t think I can find any thread that would even come close to matching this color, but it’s worsted.

if the yarn can only go through a couple times, will it break?

Undo the plies so you have a more workable thickness. Make sure to do a shank to allow for the depth of the knitting and also recommend you use a backer button for stability.


there are no plies!
it’s brown sheep.

I have a backing button, no shank though.

is that very bad?

You make the shank by wrapping yarn/thread under the button to the depth of your knitting. Allows the button to seat properly.


um… I will have to check the books and hope it’s in one somewhere.

If you’re not familiar with how to attach button, check here

If the button is applied too tightly to the fabric (no allowance for the depth of your knitting), you won’t be able to button the garment.


that worked. :cheering:

I am just at the point of sewing on my buttons. I viewed the site and I am wondering if I should just sew the outside button to the inside button and not sew it to the yarn. What do you think?

outside button to inside button Q: only if you make the “shank” inbetween, or else there won’t be any room to button. you’ll need a little space between, and it probably needs some yarn in the sewing so it doesn’t fall out of the garment…

yarn or thread Q: it also depends on the size of the holes in the button, and the weight of the yarn. PErsonally I most often use thread, but with large decorative buttons I use the yarn.

HTH, Marykz

Thanks, now I have a bigger problem. I have decided to try and do the buttonholes over because they are not spaced equally. :grrr: