Sewing machine recommendations?

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I wanted to say I have a Janome (fancy-schmancy), Bernina (old thrift store find), a Singer Featherweight (inherited from my grandmother), and a relatively cheap ($299) Craftmaster 4700 that I am sure is a Janome in disguise, (yes, I am a sewing addict! lol) and I like each one obviously, for different reasons. If I was just starting out, I would go with the relatively unknown, cheapo Craftmaster 4700. It has everything you really need-although I admit, that is relative!-and sews absolutely perfect stitches. Far better than my fancier, computerized, MUCH more expensive Janome.

I frequent another site called (great place for sewers!) and here is a review I did on this machine, if you care to look.

There are also lots of reviews available on other machines you may be interested in-even a forum that you can ask questions and get (lots of) advice.

My best advice is to not (if you can help it!!) buy a machine without first trying it-you want to see if you are comfortable with it and find it enjoyable to use. A dealer might be more expensive than a walmart special-but they usually offer classes and support along with your machine. That is worth it, imho, if you are new to sewing.

Good luck!! One of my favorite things is bringing home a new (or old, lol!) sewing machine!! (betcha couldn’t tell, huh? lol) Have fun!

I might as well be the wet blanket here. I had a Brother that was a piece of junk. It kept coming out of registration for no reason. Not used. Not moved. Not even breathed on.

I have 8 other vintage machines and they are all workhorses especially my Davis VF.