Sewing 'live' stitches

I have simple pattern that I am working, that instructs me NOT to bind off when I am done, but to rather sew the ‘live’ stitches to the cast-on stitches of my first row. It it a circular coaster that is worked flat, and sewing the edges together makes a little donut that I can then pull together at the center, but I just can’t figure out sewing the 8 live stiches to the 8 original cast-on ones. Can anyone help?

The most invisible method would be to use the kitchener stitch to graft the edges together… personally I can’t get the hang of it, so I would just match up the loops and overcast 'em together!! :oops:
If you don’t know how to Kitchener, I’d suggest checking out Amy’s video.

Thank you, the kitchner stitch could be helpful. : ) I’m not sure if it will totally work out, though, because I have stitches on only one needle, and I’m trying to join with already knit work that isn’t on a needle at all. Do you still think I can do some creative variation on the kitchner stitch?

Also, I don’t know what you mean by overcast. . . :thinking:

I’m a bit at a loss without reading the pattern. I’ve never knit a pattern where I’ve had to seam live sts to those that are not live (like kitchener or 3 needle bind off). I will google around & see if I can find something…I’m sure someone around here will have an answer for you :wink:

thanks for your time and help!

After seeing the pattern, I understand now. You wouldn’t want to cast off the edge and then seam it together since it would create a fairly large ridge IMO. I would cut the yarn leaving about a 12" or so yarn tail, and thread my yarn needle with it. I would use a sort of overcast-type seam… one stitch into the live loop, and then into the corresponding cast on stitch. Clear as mud?

Nicole has it right. Needle through live stitch and then under cast on stitch.

YAY…I just found that in one of my books…buy ya’ll are much clearer than the book :thumbsup:

I followed your advice and it worked pretty well for the most part. Your suggestions are great, it was just getting the hang of the execution that was the trouble.

I’m actually thinking of doubling the pattern to make matching hot pads (these are gift items), but when I do that, I’m just going to use a provisional cast-on and the kitchner stitch proper. I think that will be much easier.

Thank you for your help!! :smiley: