Sewing & Knitting

Are there any sewers out there who combine knitting with sewing? I just got my first sewing machine, a Huskystar C20, and was wondering how I could use it on my knitting. I recently discovered the fun of felting, and though it would be an interesting twist to put some decorative stitches on the hats I have been making. Any thoughts on this?

If I were to use my sewing machine on felted fabric, I would worry about the fuzz gumming up my machine. I think I would put some backing on the underside so the felt wouldn’t come into contact with the feed dogs. You can get backings that dissolve in water.

I’m not sure that single-thread sewing will show up that much on a felted item, but you could certainly play with it. Look for lots of contrast in your choice of thread color.

I have seen some items that have a knitted bodice attached to a sewn skirt, but I would sew the two pieces together by hand.

I’m a very experienced sewer and felter, but these are only my opinions. I say go experiment and have fun.

Congrats on the new machine!! :cheering:

Thanks Sara. I hadn’t even thought of the fuzz being a problem… that could be bad! I haven’t sewn since jr. high home ec so I am pretty rusty on all the do’s and don’ts. I’d hate to ruin my machine after the arm and leg I paid for it. That dissolving backing is something I am going to have to pick up next time I go to the store.

I just recently got a sewing machine and I use mine to make linings for felted bags that I’ve knit. The linings have to be sewen in by hand, but the basic lining with pockets can be done on the sewing machine.

I was going to say linings as well. I also want to experiment with seaming things I knit with bulky yarn. Being able to seam up with a thinner thread would help seams lie flatter, don’t you think? My mom and I are finally going to set up the big dining room as our work space. We both have machines, plus I have a knitting machine and she has a serger.

You could try steeks :thud: I sew, but I don’t use my machine with my knitting yet.