Sewing/Joining two cast on edges

I have just finished a pair of slipper where I have to fold them in half and sew them up. The edges that I have to sew are the cast on edges and I do not know how to sew them up neatly. The first one I just did a whip stitch but I didn’t really like the looks of it. Does anyone have any better solution. I used the cast on where you knit between the last two sts and then bring the stitch back onto the needle. Not sure what it is called. Also, how do you sew two purled edges together where all those bumps are? I see no way to do it besides a whip stitch which I do not like to use. Any help would be appreciated. I think I can sew the back of them with the mattress stitch but these other areas I don’t know.

I’m not for sure… cause I was going to suggest the mattress stitch… you maybe able to check out Amy’s videos and see if one of the others would work better for you… :happydance:

Well, I was able to use the mattress stitch on the back of the heel; however, not on the other two areas. I just did the best I could do. I’m sure a 5 yr. old won’t notice too much. :slight_smile:

yeah the prolly wouldn’t care :teehee:

I’m glad you got it to work for ya though :cheering: