Sewing in?

well my practice square has morphed into a small scarf for my son as he said it looked like one and asked if he could have it when it was done hehehe, and going by how long it is I should be done begining of next week, so I have been looking at some proper patterns as what I am doing is really just practicing how to knit lol.
I found this pretty cool looking scarf (it was actually in a mag I read , they got it from a pattern book but they thought that seeing as people would see it in the mag they would put it on their site, how nice of them hehehe) and it mentions when you have finished to use a wool needle to sew in all the ends. What do they mean by this?

A blunt tipped tapestry needle.


It means to take a blunt needle, thread it with the little end of yarn left after you’ve finished casting off and weave it into the fabric to hide it and secure it. You do this with the tail of your cast on edge as well.

Here is an article about hiding ends:

thanks for that, I thought I was ment to sew all the edges somehow LMAO, was very confused hehehe

That article Aidan has linked you to is awesome. I refer to it every time I weave in ends. Now, I just wish someone would make a tutorial about weaving in ends on ribbing…anyone know of any?