Sewing fabric lining to knitting


I’m finishing up a baby blanket for a friend of mine. the blanket has a five row seed stitch border and the middle is stockinette stitch. the finishing on the blanket is a flannel lining on the bottom inside the seed stitch border. I am a terrible sewer. does anyone know what the best way to sew it to the knitting is?


I sew fleece panels onto garter stitch panels. I find that sewing onto the garter stitch is sometimes tricky since it tends to shift a lot while sewing. Just take your time and it will work. Don’t go too fast.

For a flannel lining that is set in from the edge, I would probably fold under the flannel raw edges, pin very well to the blanket (to prevent shifting while you sew) and do a blanket stitch on it. If you don’t want the stitching to show, do a slip stitch. If you want how-to for either of these, just ask.