Sewing buttons on baby sweater

I have finished my first baby sweater (a cardigan) and am ready to sew on the buttons. :cheering:

Any suggestions for what to do or not to do as I attach the buttons? I’ve sewn buttons on pants and shirts before, but how do I “anchor” the buttons on a knitted garment? With a knot, just like when sewing the button on fabric? I’m assuming I just use regular thread? In case it matters, the sweater is made with Rowan Calmer (cotton/microfiber).

I haven’t done it myself, but on a sweater that someone else knit as a gift for my baby, when she sewed on the buttons, she backed them with a bit of felt in a similar color to the yarn, just a small circle on the backside of the button band for each button.

When you are sewing button on a coat or anywhere like- shirt, coat.Then you should be sewin button tightly on the coat. And always use strongest thread for sewing button on a coat.After that you can’t suffer with this type of problems.:thumbsup:

I recently finished some baby sweaters and I hand sewed a piece of ribbon on the back of the button band. It worked perfectly. I just used a piece of ribbon as close to the color of the yarnas possible.

I like to use the yarn that I knitted with. I usually use a fine yarn to make baby sweaters so the yarn goes through the button easily. I also lie to use either a two or four holed button. I have never used thread. Good luck.

I didn’t use thread, I used a ply of the yarn to sew the ribbon to the button band and I also used the ply of the yarn to sew the buttons on with.