Sewing appliques in a knitted afghan

My nephew is a Ranger in the Army and was sent to WA state as his base. I asked him if he would like an afghan since he will be there for the next 4 years at least. He has no idea his aunt is not a super duper pattern maker. He asked me if I could do one and incorporate the ranger diamond symbol and the ranger scroll in it. I have no idea how to create patterns so I told him I could possibly get patches or appliques and sew them into it. So after all that, has anyone had success sewing something like a patch/applique on their knitted items? The yarn is very thick so I imagine they might have to be sewn in with a machine? Any info appreciated.


Patches don’t stretch with the knitting, but knitting does stretch. I’m not sure where you’re going to place them, but keep that in mind. I’d think one or two on the edge or corners might be okay.

I probably wouldn’t even attempt it, but if I was going to I’d probably hand sew. :shrug: Personally I think I’d just do it in the colors of whatever he’s in. Like army green stripes or something.

The patches I have seen are only about 4 inches wide so I could probably get away with maybe hand sewing them in a corner. He actually thought I could make a pattern of them and incorporate them in the afghan. Haaa he has no clue what he was talking about. He is so proud of making it through to become a Ranger he really wants the 2nd battalion symbol on it. Patch it is, at least it will be on there for him. Thanks for reminding Jan about the stretching issue.