Sewing and knitting

I want to sew an afgan to some fleece, what is the best way to do it? Straight, zizig, or maybe with a surger. Any help would be great. Sharon

Welcome to Knitting Help.
I’ve always attached fabric to a knit blanket by hand but some of the advice here for machine stitching applies to hand knits and may help.
If you decide to go with hand stitching, this is a good stitch to use. It’s a good idea to wash the fleece so that it has a chance to shrink or adjust before you attach it to the afghan.
Is this to be lining for the afghan?

Thank you for the info. I hadn’t thought about washing the fleece for maybe some shrinkage. Thanks for the info it was very helpful.

Fleece IME isn’t likely to shrink but it will behave differently once the sizing or whatever it is in these synthetic fibers is washed out. It might actually be a little bigger. This is based on the assumption that your fleece is all synthetic. I’ve used fleece for PJs and sweatshirts and things and never noticed shrinkage. I’ve noticed that it’s softer and more relaxed after washing.

Is your afghan washable and dryable? If so you’ll want to wash and dry it before sewing them together. If not then prep it however it will be cleaned before you sew the two together, I think.

I will wash them both, just incase their is an shrinkage. Thanks for the help Sharon188