Sew on live stitches

I am making the felted yoga bag from LMKG and need to sew on the top of the strap. These are the instructions, could someone please explain how to sew on live stitches?

Match middle of strap to center on the under layer and sew live sts of strp to the top of the under layer.

Also, when making the strap I had 18 sts on a single DPN and the pattern reads:

Row1: K15, yo, slip 3 sts as if to purl with yarn in front
Row2: Pull working yarn firmly around back of slipped sts to form a tubular edge, k3, drop yo from needle, k15.

If I have 18 sts and I K15 and yo, I only have 2 sts left on my needle. How did this happen?


It sounds like you’re making the same mistake I did with yo’s… The yo doesn’t use up a stitch. It’s simply the action of putting the yarn over the needle.

And when I sew on live stitches, I just take a tapestry needle and use the yarn still attached to the needle to sew it on (you have to cut the yarn). Slip it thorugh one live stitch, then attach that to the bag, and do the same across the rest of the live stitches. Not sure if there’s a “proper” way to do it, but that secures all the live stitches well and only leaves one end to weave in!

I guess I am still confused on the yo. If I am simply moving the yarn to the front and then slipping the next 3 sts, how can the yo still be on the needle (it is dropped in the next row)? Since I could not figure this out last night, I just moved the yarn to the front, slipped 3 sts and then pulled the yarn to the front on the next row. My strap seems to have a tubular edge, which it should.