Sew in tags

I’m trying to find a place to buy or order some fabric tags…you know…the ones that say things like:
“Hand Knit by Grandma with Love”
"Hand Knit with Love by Jen"
I tried Googleing, but couldn’t find any site that would show me an example.:??
Also are there any that you can iron on?
If I do sew them…what is the best way…tiny tiny stiches??

Ooh ooh ooh!!! My Grandmother bought me some for Christmas. I’ll ask her where she ordered them, but she is in New Jersey and asleep right now. I’ll get back to you tomorrow with an answer…

until then,


Thank you!!:cheering:I’ll check back tomorrow!

I have these bookmarked to try sometime.
Make your own labels

I bought my labels from Herrschner’s. I love them!

Here is a direct link:

i bought mine from, it took a while to get them, but they are worth it!

Thank you to all of you for your help…I’m sure I’ll find something that I like!!!

So it wasn’t my Grandmother, it was my Mother. She found labels at Miles Kimball. So go to and search for “personal handiwork labels”. They sell 20 for $7.99. I like mine a lot. There have been other postings with suggestions, so I would recommend comparison shopping.

And I sew the labels with needle and thread anywhere I want in a garment, usually by sewing each side edge down. I don’t like to sew the long edge because the tag flaps around and itches.

Good luck!


Those are so neat! Thanks for posting.

Thank you! I will probably order from them, the prices are so reasonable.
I like the idea of not sewing the long edge. In the past I had a problem of getting all of the stiches to look neat, going around all four sides!
Thanks for all the help, much appreciated!:yay: