"Sew in place as you work"?

Pls, can anyone tell me what it means to “sew in place as you work”? This instruction is in the “button band” section of a sweater pattern. And, I’ve never made a sweater before :???:

hmmmmm… can you provide more context? maybe the entire sentence?

TY for your prompt reply. The body of the sweater is done in stockinette. For the Button Band, here’s what the pattern says: “Cast on 9 stitches and proceed as follows: 1st row: (Right Side). K2. (P1,K1) 3 times. K1. 2nd row: (K1, P1) 4 times. K1. Rep last 2 rows until button band, when slightly stretched, fits up Left Front for [I]‘sewing in place as you work’[/I] and ending with right side facing for next row. Bind off in ribbing.”

I don’t understand what it means to “sew in place as you work”. Tx again for any help.

I found this post that appears to be the same question as yours.

Also, another KHer just made a baby sweater with a button band. She picked up stitches instead.

Hope either of those helps!

TY, Zip! This is a great site. Just discovered and registered today. You were my first!

It seems like these instructions are written in a way that is a little confusing. It sounds like what you are doing is making a separate button band in ribbing which you will then sew on. As it said, when you do this sort of a button band, you make it a little shorter than the front edge of the sweater so that it is stretched slightly as you sew it on. I have made this type of button band many times. I don’t know why they used the phrase “sewing in place as you work”. I think you can safely ignore it. :thumbsup: If you want to make this sort of button band, just follow their instructions for the ribbing and bind off in ribbing and then sew the button band up the front stretching it slightly as you sew it on.

I have gotten to where I don’t always do the type of bands that they say to do. I went to a class where the teacher basically recommended picked up and knitted button bands for all sweaters. I said something about sometimes they ask you to knit it separately and sew it on, and she said, “Why would you want to do that? What would be the advantage?” I answered that sometimes it is a design feature. For instance in the case of yours. They want a ribbing that will run up and down. But still the class teacher thought the other kind were better, even when they suggest otherwise. Her feeling was that a picked up button bands made a more stable edge.

I would still do a sewn on button band if I wanted to. :)But I don’t “want to” as much as I used to. :lol: I used to do whatever they told me and I have started doing them the way that I would rather do them no matter what they say. :lol: You just get comfortable and realize getting a button band on the sweater is necessary, but the type is up to you. Just so it works.

I hope this helps.