Several FO's

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the multitude of projects but this is my first FO post!

First Knitted Project: Baby Blanket for my baby boy
Pattern: Got from LYS that’s now closed :pout:
Yarn: ??? Made while I was pregnant

Cabled Hat…made it too small so saving it for next person who has a baby!
Pattern: Beanie Cable Hat
Yarn: Lion Cashmere Blend

Basic Hat and Scarf for my mom
Pattern: Hat from LYS and Irish Hiking Scarf (first time doing cables!)
Yarn: Lion Cashmere Blend

Cabled Purse for my BFF
Pattern: Cable Knit Purse
Yarn: Maggie’s Irish something or other…nice stuff!

Thanks for looking everyone!


Wow! Those are some amazing projects! You’ve been busy. :slight_smile:

I love the scarf–what a lovely job on your first cable pattern! Congrats!

Great work :thumbsup: :cheering: Your little sweetie is sooooooooooo cute and he has the biggest and most beautiful eyes. :flirt:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

wow, great work. i especially love the pink purse…ahhh sooo pretty… :heart:

Those are wonderful! Love that little purse!