Seven Things That Make or Break a Sweater

I got a new book called “Seven Things that can Make or Break a Sweater: Techniques and Tips for Hand Knitters” by Margaret Fisher.

So I am well into the book…and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their hand knitted sweaters. Good news: all of the techniques are covered by 7 sweater patterns included in the back of the book. That way, knitters can be working on a project that requires these techniques as they move through the book.

Even myself, I am always on the lookout for techniques to improve my knitting. The author is a MASTER KNITTER…and let me tell you…she is very down-to-earth in her book. Not high-sounding, not looking down her nose at the rest of us!

I’ll never ever have a MASTER KNITTER certificate, but that’s okay…
I just want to be happy with my own knitted garments. That’s what she says is the purpose of her book, and the classes she has taught for years.

Very practical, useful book. Great photography. Very logically presented.
I like her, and I like the book. I’ve already learned a few things!

Anyways, I got mine at Amazon. Click HERE to see/buy the book at Amazon.

And this is a good BOOK REVIEW I found.

I’ll have to put it on my Christmas list. I’m always on the lookout for new knitting books.

Excellent! I’ve added it to my list!

Here’s another great review!

Thanks, that definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in reading.

I’m pretty sure I’ve already mastered the 7 things that will break a sweater so I’d like to learn the 7 that will make one :rofl:

I went to a class taught by the author – at our local 'Knitter’s Day Out"-- in September. She was excellent and the class was alot of fun. And, of course, I bought her book at the market there.

Hey Mason! Then this book will be very worthwhile for you. The author says that this book is most helpful to those who have been working at knitting garments already!

This book is not designed as a grass roots HOW TO book. It is designed to expand and polish our techniques. And I hafta tell ya…I learned a few new things, especially about buttonholes.

Jan, thanks for the link to the additional book review! Much appreciated!


I’ve got 3 sweaters under my belt so I bet this book will come in handy. After the holidays I’m going to tackle an adult size sweater. So far I’ve only knitted baby/toddler sized sweaters.

I’m in the process of knitting a sweater for my sis, and always looking for some good books. thanks for the recommendation. =D

Great experience! In the book, the author has a baby sweater as a knitalong for the techniques and tips. She says a baby sweater is all that an adult sweater is, only much less yarn and stitches! You are getting this book at just the right time.

Wow, this looks like a great one for my Christmas list, too!

I’ll never ever have a MASTER KNITTER certificate, but that’s okay…

Your knitting projects look [COLOR=“Blue”]very[/COLOR] masterly to me!:slight_smile:

Does she give you any ideas on what to do about expensive alpaca yarn that stretches?

I just bought “The Sweater Workshop” Second Edition by Jacqueline Fee. Am reading it now. Seven Things sounds like a Great Christmas Gift for ME! Thanks for telling us about it. I have made many baby sweaters & little girl sweaters but have not completed one for myself so far.

No, sorry! She specifically sticks to the mechanics of knitting a great sweater. Techniques and tips. I haven’t see any discussion about yarns and the associated pros and cons and remedies.

You should try KNITTER’S REVIEW
They have a YARN section that contains a lot of yarn reviews, the pros and cons, along with recommendations about the yarn…like how to handle it for best results, etc, and laundering, blocking, etc.

Thanks, Artlady, for the recommendation. I just placed an order for the book. I hope it will lift me out of my knitting ‘slump’ right now. I find I am becoming bored and I don’t want to give up the craft for that reason so maybe it is time to expand a little?

Hi Wanda!

You will thoroughly enjoy this book! It is so easy to use, yet very very informative.

I am re-thinking how I’ve been doing my buttonholes. They’ve always been a PITA for me. I am going to knit a swatch, just to practice her method!

Oh, and also, I am also going to change how I’ve been “picking up stitches” for adding buttonbands, top-down sleeves, etc. Her method is much easier, and looks better. I’ve been working too hard at my method of picking up stitches, having to re-do them once or twice to get them to look right. Her method is great. The photography is also VERY CLEAR and informative.

She really does hone in on those sticky issues that make or break a sweater!

And I must say, the 7 patterns are very nice, too.

Let me know when you get your copy!
And welcome back to the fold! :hug: