Setting your stitches?

Hi everyone. I’m new to the world of knitting and am totally loving it. :heart:

My question is, has anyone ever heard of using an iron to “set your stitches” so they don’t stretch? I have a co-worker that had mentioned using the steam setting on the iron to set the stitches once you have your project completed but I was a bit confused. I wouldn’t want to ruin all the work by using the iron. Would this be on the order of blocking? Does anyone have any idea how exactly to do this? How would you “set” a poncho for example so it wouldn’t be all stretched out of shape when you finish it?

Thanks a ton! I can see that this website is going to be a great help to me! I’m so excited I found it!

Happy knitting!


My advice is to never, never, ever iron your knitting. And by that, I mean putting the iron in contact with your stitches. It will flatten the stitches and perhaps damage the yarn.

However, I have used the steam setting on my iron, held the iron above the knitting and steamed it that way. Usually with a cloth to protect the yarn.

There are several ways to finish the knitting process, and blocking, steaming and others exist because different fibers need different care. You can imagine the state of an ironed scarf made with an eyelash yarn!

As to no-stretch ponchos and the like, I think the stitches used, the tightness of those stitches and the fibers used are the brew that determines how stable the garment is.

Thank you for the advice! Is there anywhere on this site that explains the blocking or finishing process?

Thanks again!

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Some sites with info:

Use the best one for your type of yarn.

Good luck!