Setting dye on cotton AFTER dyeing?

So, I was too impatient to wait for my acid dyes to arrive after experimenting with a little dyeing last week, and I had some packets of dye to use with cotton and found some 50/50 cotton/linen yarn. So I dyed it and the colors came out nice. And then I realized they weren’t colorfast. I know now that I should have soaked it in some soda ash solution first, but I didn’t. Is there any way to set the color on it now, after dyeing? I tried steaming it and that didn’t seem to work, and I’m assuming that since it i s not acid dye, vinegar also won’t do anything.

Thanks for any tips.

What type of dye did you use?? Some dyes are ‘multi’ type dyes, meaning they are used for both animal and vegetable fibers (such as Rit).

When dyeing an animal fiber, the excess vegetable dye bleeds out. You really need to rinse this well to prevent bleeding.

Letting the cotton soak in some salt water will help once you rinse real well.