Setesdal sweater, snug fit

I have knitted a sweater for my sister, old pattern, classic norwegian pattern, but new design. It was fun to knit, and the result is very ok!

Singing p2, k2, p2, k2 for ever!

Hi, Virtuella:
The sweater image in the second picture looks a little small; however a turtleneck should help. The stitches look neat and even, though. And the pattern/design is very nice. Hope your sister likes it.

:notworthy: Beeeeeautiful!!!

that looks great. I love it.

That’s better than “ok”, that’s beautiful! I am always in such awe of colorwork. Your sweater looks great! Congrats!

Stunning job!!!

Awesome. I love it!


She wanted it a bit snug, because she is going to wear it under a windbreaker, and she dont like to look like the Michelineman! :slight_smile: Of course she is wearing a scarf or a turtleneck and mittens and all that useful stuff!

I’m of the opinion that snug is almost always better for a knit sweater. It looks great to me.

I think it’s actually a perfect fit. I don’t care so much for baggy unshaped sweaters, personally. Definitely more than “ok” to me, it looks really really nice! Great work! :cheering:

Thank you everybody! :heart:

My sister loves it! Look at her!

i love it! :heart:

Wonderful job! And that’s a great picture of her. :smiley:

Gorgeous! And, your sister looks so happy – great job!