Set-up row for cable pattern

I’m starting an Aran sweater using multiple cable patterns. All but one of the patterns start on the wrong side of the work (the “set-up” row as I’ve learned it’s called). However, one pattern starts on the right side of the work. My confusion is in which of the following options is correct to get the pattern on track with the rest of the sweater:

  1. Do I just take the last row of the pattern (row 16 which is on the wrong side) and “reassign” it to the top of the pattern and go from there? Theoretically, this seems like it would work as it’s technically the set-up row as the pattern repeats itself down the sweater. However, it seems to mess-up the symmetry of the written pattern. OR
  2. Do I just work the pattern upside down - i.e. row 16 (wrong sied), 15, 14, 13, etc?
    I know I can figure this out by swatching but just want to know what anyone else has done in this situation.

Do you think it would work just to reverse the stitches of the set up row for that panel? Reverse the order and the knit/purl of whatever they’re saying is the right-side set up row.