Set of 5 Addi DPN's - size 2 - 4"

I have a set of Addi DPN’s for sale. I bought them on eBay, and tried them. They are too short for me. It is a set of 5, size 2, and they are 4" long. The picture is from the auction. I will take $9 including shipping to the US. I would also consider a trade for some yarn. PM me if you are interested.
Thanks! :smiley:

That IS short! Maybe they are meant to be for cables?

I don’t think cable needles come in numbered sizes… :thinking:

Well, I just found them. It says they are for small projects. Must be for small hands, too. Sorry, too small for me, too! :shock:

I tried making socks on them, they work, but I just can’t get the hang of using short needles. I like the 6" for making socks.

They would probably work well for fingers on gloves!