Set-in sleeves...what was I thinking?

Ok, finishing is NOT my forte. :knitting: I have no idea how to sew in this blasted sleeve! :whoosh: It’s not a question of how to fit it in, I can do that part, I’m more confused on the mechanics. :shrug: I did a three-needle bind off on the shoulder seams and had no problem with that. I had no problem with the side seams either. But the shoulder seam won’t exactly lend itself to either. Help! :grphug:

Oh, just in case you need to look at what i’m knitting, the sweater is here. zippered jacket

You can still do mattress stitch on the sleeves.

What I do is tie pieces of yarn to attach the sleeve at the shoulder, underarm, and half-way between on each side–just pieces tied in a bow to hold the sleeve in place.

Then pick up the bar of a stitch from the body and a stitch from the sleeve and work your way around. If you need to, you can skip a stitch here and there to keep it even. I usually work from the shoulder down on each side so if there is any unevenness, it ends up in the armpit.

I don’t have time to link to it now, but has a good article in their archives on seaming sleeves.

Maybe this is what Ingrid is referring to?

Another that may or may not help… :think:

That was exactly what I needed to hear. And the article from Knitty was a huge help. :muah: