Set in sleeves decreases

what kind of decreases would you use in this kind of sleeve?
it’s drop shouldered too if that matters.
I used ssk and k2tog and it looks pretty awful, so I’m thinking about taking it all apart again.
any advice?


For edges that are going to be seamed, I usually just k2tog at the ends. Any wonkiness is hidden by the seam so I don’t get to particular about it. :shrug:

how many rows in do you seam?
maybe that is what I’m doing wrong? it’s really thick yarn (I think) so I was only doing half a stitch in…

& maybe I am saying the wrong thing, but you know the “lines” that are on the raglan sweaters? there are there on my sleeves and since the armholes on the body part don’t have the matching lines, it looks weird?

I usually seam on the first row in, or wherever there is an even line. Bulky yarn will show the decreases more, so if you don’t like it, redo it. You’ll be happier in the end.

do you do your decreases right at the very edge then - I did mine 2 sts in - and is there a better decrease I can use?

thanks Ingrid!

I do my decreases at the edge–I knit together the first two and last two.

ok, that makes sense now!
I’m definitely doing it over.

Ingrid -
thank you!
thank you thank you thank you thank you!
I have only one arm refinished, and not even sewn back on yet, but as my bf said who just wandered through, it no longer looks like a pile of crap.


(it’s going to be a post-recovering-from-pregnancy-tummy present to my friend, so I’m so happy she might actually even be able to wear it in public!)

:cheering: :cheering: