Set in Sleeve Problem!

Help! I’m knitting a cardi with set in sleeves. All I have left is to sew in the sleeves at this point but I have a HUGE problem-- pun intended…
The armhole is larger than the sleeve cap! What do I do?:shrug:

[B]Did you knit it right?[/B] (even the best knitter occational knits a size Large sweater, and size small sleeves!)

[B]Did you block it?[/B] (sweaters, by their weight, can stretch when you are knitting them. sleeves, are less heavy and might not have stretched as much…
Do you have more yarn?[/B] maybe the pattern ([I]not you![/I]) was wrong, and you need a few more rows–it wouldn’t be the first time a pattern got it wrong! check to see if there is errata about the pattern (check on ravelry too)

Once you resolve the problem, sew the sleeve in starting at CENTER TOP
thread a LONG peice of yarn, make a slip knot at about half way, and start at shoulder seam… sew front.
then undo slip knot, thread the tail, and sew back of sleeve

(end at underarm)