Seriously! yarn should not snap this much! (RANT ALERT)

I will not cry, i will not shout (much). i will be calm and philosophical. i will i swear.

I may have mentioned it once or twice in other posts but this yarn is DRIVING ME CRAZY! it is so fragile.
It has just snapped whilst im knitting for [I]the 5th time[/I] this sock, and im only on the gusset :wall: (btw, is it just me and my fun wh find that word horid?).
That’s why i gave up on doing a cabled sock and just went for a simple ribbed sock, so that at least it is fairly easy to reatatch the yarn, but it is so frustrating. :hair:

i am never using this yarn again!! except that i have 2 more balls of it in grey and 3 in a lovely dark teal and i hate to see things go to waste. but i won’t. it has been sent by the knitting devil to test me and the knitting devil is winning :twisted:

ok rant over.

thank you and sorry guys.

Do you knit tight? Is the yarn very dry, maybe older yarn? I’ve even bought yarn from an LYS that was old and dry and broke often. Very frustrating. A test you can do is to take a 6" piece and wrap each end around your index fingers and give it a tug. If it breaks easily then it may be the yarn. If you can really pull on it then it isn’t too dry.


Maybe with the rest of it, knit something on large needles and strand it with something else (stronger).

I’m very curious.


i read the topic and thought u were talking about homespun :slight_smile:

I don’t think you could break lion homespun, either accidentally or on purpose.

Ugh, Harrisville Flax and Wool snaps WAY too easily as well (I’m not sure what yarn you are using)…But I bought some of this for a scarf this year. 6 inches into it – SNAP! Being a new knitter, I didn’t know what softspun meant. Now I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh it’s possible Suzee… i had my project sitting on the backseat of my van… kids got in… we got home, i got my project and only had the skein sitting there, the shawl went missing. the yarn was broken (lionbrand homespun… i hate working with it i’ve found) and i found the shawl on the floor under the third seat (the last row in the van… it had been sitting on the seat in the second row).