September KAL - Mittens and Gloves!

Hello, my friends! :waving:

This month, our Knitting Help Forum Monthly Challenge is:
[CENTER][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]Mittens and Gloves![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

[B][I][COLOR=navy]It’s almost time for fall, and winter will bring storms, [/COLOR][/I][/B]
[B][I][COLOR=navy]so let’s make gloves and mittens to keep our hands warm.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
It doesn’t take a lot of yarn to make mittens and gloves, and there are lots of GORGEOUS patterns available for us to choose from. :heart: :inlove: :heart:

[LEFT]Here are some patterns to check out:
Knitting Pattern Central
Ravelry Patterns[/LEFT]

And, what a coincidence…Vogue Knitting is highlighting mittens and gloves now as well! :slight_smile:

One of our mods (Jan in CA) has recommended a few good patterns from the Knitting Daily website:
[I]There are lots of beautiful mitten patterns that are free. A few that were in IK are also offered right now on Knitting Daily. Some of their patterns are offered for a limited time, but these don’t seem to have a date on them. [/I]

Another mod (dustinac) has this to say about mittens:
[I]I love the Snowbird Mittens in the Vogue magazine…I can’t wait to start on those but gotta wait till I start/finish JD’s WVU mittens that I decided to try and design myself :shrug: and then Roo a pair of mittens with Roses on them…oh and Isaiah’s spiderman mittens…:oo:[/I]
[CENTER]She’s got a lot of knitting to do! :teehee: [/CENTER]
Dustinac also likes these Herringbone Gloves, but the pattern is written in Japanese! :shock: (Does anyone want to translate that pattern for us?) :wink:

And Jeremy (another mod) thinks that mittens will make a perfect project for charity knitters: [I]My wife’s school has a church nearby which gives out mittens to those who need them every year.[/I]
[CENTER]Hey, I’m ALL ABOUT charity knitting! :thumbsup: [/CENTER]

[LEFT]Personally, I want to make gloves with some beautiful Rowan DK Soft that one of our UK knitters gave to me this year. :inlove: [/LEFT]
I purchased a pretty beaded glove pattern last year that should work perfectly. The pattern is called “Essence Gloves” by Heartland Knits.

[CENTER]So, let’s get started making mittens and gloves!
(Knitters and Crocheters are ALL welcome to join.)

Do armwarmers/figerless mits/ gauntlets count?! I’m making my own pattern for a pair to match my lil bro’s hat for his christmas present!

Of COURSE they do! :thumbsup:

Here’s a button for our knit-along:

Here’s the link:

I’m in, just need to buy the needles for this as i dont have dpn’s yet.

not sure which pattern either yet, hmmmm decissions decissions hehe.

this is great. I will definitely make myself some armwarmers. did some last winter for my daughter and one of her teachers and my son, so now it is my turn.

Welcome to the KAL, Duessa, susi, and Karina! :hug:

:woot: YAY!! A mitten KAL… I did finish the WVU mittens so now I’m working on Roo’s mittens. :happydance:

Here is the first one the pattern is Rosie Mittens found here

I’ve never made mittens before… but I wanted to make these… do they count? I love knitted ornaments on my tree…

Count me in, too! We have Hope House here. It’s a home for unwed mothers who are going to school and/or trying to get their life together. We have donated toys to them in the past and I’m sure they would appreciate mittens. Thanks for the wonderful idea!:cheering:

Ooo – I like those! If these count, I’m in, too! I can add those to my Christmas projects list.

Dustina I have seen a few free patterns like the one you have done that I am tempted to try but I just don’t understand how the thumb is done. it say something about using a scrap bit of yarn and knitting nine stitches with it then put the nine stitches back on the left needle and carry on knitting the hand bit of the glove. I think that is how it was described but I just don’t understand it.

I may just end up doing some fingerless gloves.

I just had a though as I was surfing looking for mittens. when you knit the nine stitches with scrap yarn and then carry on knitting the mitten as normal, will you remove the scrap yarn and then reveal a hole with 18 live stitches and knit the thumb from that. Did I have a brain wave or am I still not getting it.

GORGEOUS! :thud: You’re braver than I am. :wink:

Go for it! I bet that when you finish those tiny mittens, you’ll be ready to make some full-size ones as well. :thumbsup:

Excellent plan! cloud9

Go for it! :hug:

I think you should try to make ONE mitten, with us helping along the way. I bet you’ll figure it out for sure. And as Ingrid says, “Trust the pattern”. I think that when you see all the stitches in your hands, the pattern instructions will make more sense. I know it was that way for me when I made a Christening Gown and when I made the helmetliner for a soldier:

Cute dress Sandy and the helmet liner looks great.

Have found a couple of patterns on that does the thumb by increasing the stitches like on a normal glove, which I know how to do. But still want to know how to do it the other way as well.

I’m not sure if it’s the same as your pattern, but I made mittens before, and left some stitches on a tiny stitch holder while I continued making the hand part of the mitten. When the hand part was complete, the stitches on the stitch holder were then used to make the thumb. I think they are telling you to put your stitches on scrap yarn, because it makes it easier to hold when you’re knitting the rest of the mitten.

Here are the mittens I made a few years ago:

I completely agree! I was taught to use a safety pin to hold stitches and did it that way for many years. I now use a piece of yarn (I think cotton yarn works great for this) and I find that it’s much easier to put the thumb stitches on the needles from the yarn, rather than when they are on a pin or holder.

For anyone who is new to knitting mittens in the round, I have passed this link onto quite a few who thought it was a good starter mitten pattern, you may find the same:
Basic Pattern for Children’s Mittens.

I have found the mittens that I want to make
and this hat to go with.
This will be for my son who will think I am the coolest mum in the world when he gets this for Christmas (there is method to my madness)

Am now trying to get the yarn for it. just found out that Dale of Norway Hauk is water and snow repellent, so want to use that. so far I have only found the black here in the UK, have sent an email to see if they could get the white for me so will wait and see.

These mittens use the method that I described earlier, where you knit the stitches with a scrap piece of yarn and then return to left needle and carry on in pattern. Then when the hand bit is done you go back and remove the scrap yarn and have, I think, 18 live stitches for the thumb

Nice choice, Karina! :thumbsup:

Karina~Great mitten choice! I agree the pattern will make sense as you do it…the thumb might sound confusing but when you get there we will be here to help, and it will fall into place :thumbsup:

Sandy~You should give colorwork a try, it’s lots of fun! Love the mittens and helmet liner.

Mamadawn~Great choice!! :happydance:

farmgirl~Wonderful idea :hug:

auntcrafty~Can’t wait to see them :yay:

I wanted to also show you that mittens can be for your hands, tree, or ears…these were a HUGE hit last year and really I need to get busy on making more :teehee: …I had one friend ask if I would make some for her dollhouse…I just used size 0000 needles, sock yarn, and a pattern for ornaments