September 2019, Whatcha' Knitting?

Hurricane on the way and summer hanging on but there’s just a hint of cooler mornings for some of us.
Fall knitting plans or finished projects? We’d love to see and read about them.


I’m working on this little romper/overall type thing for the baby. It’s just gotten to a point where it’s starting to look like something.

i’m using knitpick’s simply cotton sport weight with us sz 5 (3.75mm) needles. it’s knit in the round–well, seamlessly, i guess, to be exact, as the straps were knit flat. i cast on provisionally and worked up to the ends of the shoulder straps, and now i’m working down towards the bottom. i plan to add a thin crochet edging of some sort around the top, maybe in some colored appalachian baby yarn i have leftover in my stash.

i took some inspiration, loosely, from this pattern (or rather, what little i could understand of it, since i can’t read japanese) but i’m basically making it up as i go. should be cute though–baby knits are usually pretty forgiving that way…

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Trying to get some solid work done on a crochet cardigan before getting back to knit projects. Yarn is an unknown, picked up from someone off Freecycle in hanks so long that I could step through them. All I know is it is fingering weight and wool :slight_smile: Making it up as I go, have only a vague idea of what I want it to look like and I am letting any mistakes help shape it.

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Knitster, those rompers are going to be adorable! Thanks for the pattern link.

Themom, lovely. If your mistakes are resulting in this beautiful pattern, I want to see more of them!

Can’t wait to see both of these projects when you finish.

This little cardigan is from the Heirloom Cables pattern by Lion Brand. It’s for a friend’s first baby. There was even enough yarn leftover to make a hat to go with.


So cute!

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Taking a break from the Whoopsie Cardi, all kinds of problems with the arm holes now. Wanted something simple like a hat in the meantime, so I went to 50 Fabulous Aran Stitches by Rita Weiss to find a way to complicate it needlessly :slight_smile: This rope pattern mirrored on both sides and three twisted cables between. I am so loving this so far, my hands hate me though…


Beautiful cable work and a lovely design!

Thank you!

That is beautiful! I love the color!

Ooh! Very nice cabling, lovely colour, altogether scrumptious :heart_eyes:

Follow-up to my earlier post:

I’ve finished the mysterious “romper/onesie thingy”.

Made some major changes as I went so this is the final result (before any sort of washing/blocking).

How adorable! it will look so sweet on some very fashionable baby.

thanks! it’s for my son. i haven’t actually got to try it on him yet as he was napping when i finished sewing the buttons… :slight_smile:

Super cute!

Adorable!!! I so admire people who can look at something and without a pattern make something this great!!! Cudos to you!!!

Well, I could explain all the little basic details I messed up on and all the ways I changed plans midstream and made more work for myself, but I guess I’ll just politely accept the kind compliment instead… :joy:



Finished Whoopsie Cardi, this is before blocking :slight_smile: If I stated how many times I ripped out the sleeves to start them over it would make everyone cry lol. Learn as we go!

You know what though? That makes it even more amazing! You changed plans and dealt with mistakes and it came out looking like complete awesomesauce!

Themom, exquisite and worth every bit of time it took. Enjoy wearing this lovely sweater.