September 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?


September and cooler weather ahead for many in the northern hemisphere. Let’s see what you’ve been working on.
Pretty, but perhaps difficult to maintain!


Wow!! Too beautiful to ride :slight_smile:


I don’t have any thing yet but after I order the yarn for my grandson Hunter’s blanket I will be knitting up a storm. He wants Yellow and knit picks only has 3 shade of yellow I can use.


Working on another pullover, bottom up on circulars(another 1st for me) on second sleeve and just about ready for the fun(horrorshow!!!) to begin when I start the yoke :joy::joy::joy:


Great looking sweater! I like bottom up sweater with yokes. The stitches keep decreasing in a most gratifying way. Enjoy that fun.


Just finished, not perfect but I learned a lot and will do a better job next time :grin:


Well it sure looks perfect! You work is fabulous, notknittingknots and this is just one more lovely example. I’m in awe.


Thank you salmonmac xx I didn’t hold the yarn tight enough for the first few rounds of the yoke so had to rip back and re do, but even then it was still a bit too loose at the sleeve joins for a couple of rounds. I’d kept an extra stitch each side of the sleeves to k2tog at that join point too!! I also think I may have to redo the collar, tighten it up a little bit but I’ll wait and see what my daughter thinks first.


Wow!! Looks excellent to me😁
Really beautiful work!!


Thank you :blush: you’re very kind xx